My God is not dead.
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You tend to distance yourself from others because you feel that they’re going to leave anyway. (via versteur)

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One thing to remember is to please enjoy the process of discovering God. I know it feels like there’s a brick wall whenever we come across a difficult doctrine, and that Western urge to “know all the facts” gets us into a twisted up neurotic mess in our faith. While I totally believe that Christianity is intellectually satisfying in every way, there are just some truths way bigger than our heads can handle, and I’m okay with the lifelong process of getting to know God in all His wild infinite nature. J.S. Park  (via llmaime)

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Burst your way through the universe.

Ayyye watch me

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Isaiah 66:9

He will not cause pain without bring forth beautiful thing. Be joyful in your pain not just of the miracle that it will bring but he is training you for his glory (revelation 3:19)

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Think about it

He love you first.
Whether you love him or not.
He wants you
Whether you believe in him or not.
He thinks about you.
What type love is this?

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I deserve love.
I deserve this life.
I am stronger than my past.
I am stronger than the dark.

I am glory.
I am light.

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Good Morning loves
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