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ughhh I’m struggling so much right now. All the bad attention has made me feel like that’s all I deserve from people and that’s all I’m worth, and that’s all I’ve been getting from anyone (besides one person) for the past seven years. From the beginning, that’s all guys have wanted. To fuck me. To…

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at a certain point

you’ve gotta stop lookin for a life to live

and start livin the life you have..

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I’m tired of all these boys with plugs and tattoos thinkin that I’m just suppose to drop to my knees & unhinge my jaw. Like yeah you’re attractive, but yo, what the hell are you bringing to the table? Are you intelligent? Are you gonna tell me your fears? If my song comes on are you gonna roll your eyes or rock the fuck out with me? I needa know, if not, buh bye.

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What's one thing you learned today?




Make sure to only speak in the gentlest of words to yourself when responding.

You can never prepare yourself for something , no matter how hard you try. No matter how many quotes you read , no matter how many times you speak…

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